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He Was Filming The Beach. All Of A Sudden, He Couldn't Believe What He Saw!
This man was filming the beach when he spotted something in the ocean. It turns out there were over 30 dolphins that came to the shore unexpectedly. Check this out yourself. 
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I Got On The Treadmill. I Didn't Expect To See THIS Happen Next To Me! Whoa!
Working out isn't my favorite time of the day. Until this happened!
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She Calls Herself A 'Fat Girl' - Wait Till You See How She Can Dance! Amazing!
Whitney Thore is a self proclaimed 'fat girl'. She is part of the "No Shame Campaign" where she is encouraging women to accept and love themselves whatever size they are. She promotes body positivity and is doing a great job at it! Watch her dance up a storm in this video!
Share this video and the message that goes with it! Love yourself! Enjoy!
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Her Husband Was Lost In War. She Finally Finds Out the Unbelievable Truth.
Her husband left to war only six weeks after being married. After he disappeared, she spent the next 68 years wondering what happened to him, and finally finds out. The amazing story of him and his legacy will have you in tears.
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You Won't Believe How This Dog Reacts To This Crying Baby! It's Truly Amazing!
This adorable baby started sobbing, when all of a sudden, the family beagle snapped into action and did something UNBELIEVABLE. I can't stop watching! Wow.
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We Filmed Our Dog When Our Friend Visited. We Didn't Expect THIS Reaction!
Here at SFGlobe, we just love dogs and babies. This baby is going to have a very protective sibling and that makes us happy.
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He Poured Sand Into A Bottle. When I Looked Again, I Couldn't Believe My Eyes
This is truly spectacular to watch. You have to see what this man creates by the end! .. I still don't know how he does it! Do you? Comment below! 
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They Turn On The Camera, And I Was Speechless. Mom And Dad Had No Idea!
If you love The Havaiia Family Band as much as we do, then you have to share this! Help these kids get discovered.
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This Dog & Her Owner Arrive At The Park. What Happens Next Is Unbelievable! Wow!
Usually, a walk through the park with your dog is boring and uneventful. But you won't believe what THIS pup does during her trip to the park! I can't stop watching!
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When The Music Came On, They Did Not Expect THIS! This Bird Totally Made My Day!
At the SF Globe, we love entertaining pieces. Watch Frostie go! 
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This Appears To Be A Normal Wedding Photo. You'd be Shocked At What It Really Is
A 3 y/o Was Caught In His Neighbor's Yard. I Can't Believe What The Old Man Did!
We Saw Something Following Our Boat. We Didn't Expect THIS To Happen Next!
This Guy Left Judges Wiping Their Tears Away. Hear His Shocking Story. Just Wow!
A Giant Scary Teddy Bear Prank Gone Wrong. Be Sure To Watch The Dog's Reaction!
Scared You'd Burn Down The House? Never Put These 13 Items In Your Microwave
After Seeing This, I Will NEVER Look At Homeless People The Same. Truly Moving.
It Was An Ordinary Day At The Beach, But Then THIS Emerged From The Sand.
I Filmed My Baby Crawling For First Time But Didn't Expect My Dogs To Do THIS
The Secret To Cooling Down A Warm Can Of Soda Or Beer In Under 2 Minutes. Genius
35 Genius Life Hacks Everyone Should Know, Especially #18
This Mom & Her Kids At The Beach NEVER Expected To See THIS! I Was Speechless...
She Was Asked To Pose At The Beach, But Was Never Prepared For This! Hilarious!
After Seeing This, I Realized I've Been Doing It Wrong My Entire Life!
She Was Sick Of Being Photoshopped, So She Did THIS
If You Own A Duvet Cover, You MUST Watch This. I Can't Wait To Try It Out!
He Didn't Know How To Tell His Daughter's Boyfriend This, So He Made This Song.